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Inc-Q™ : Leveraging Diversity, Building Inclusion

We are inviting nominations for a program for team leads, supervisors and managers to explore the dilemmas associated with managing a diverse team.

By learning skills and gaining perspectives through Inc-Q™, team leaders can experience a visible shift in their leadership approach; they can champion diversity as a competitive advantage and optimize effectiveness by leveraging people's unique talents and insights.

As a participant, you will learn how to

  • Be aware of the multiplicity of experiences and unheard voices in
    your team.

  • Unearth personal bias that may inhibit your inclusion quotient.

  • Make choices that promote inclusion and communicate decisions to your team.

  • Emerge with your personal solution to a specific challenge of diversity. As a result, you will help create equitable platforms to discover and harness potential of diverse individuals and align your leadership and management approach to the organisation’s D&I Vision.

Your fellow participants would be

Team Leads/Supervisors/Managers with a range of 5 -10 years of total work experience from a diverse set of organisations and industries. You may be a first time leader or you may have several years of experience as a team leader.

We would love to hear your nominations / questions / feedback.


Participate in a 90-minute webinar. Identify a specific workplace challenge.


Join the one-day workshop. Reflect, explore and practice through story labs, simulations and theatre.


A 90-minute virtual call where you share your new experiences.


Insights & skills for practicing inclusion.

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