Build a culture of greater inclusion, as a mindset and as a value, in men and women, that is more
far-reaching than policies & practices. 
Focus on the leaking pipeline ensuring that a greater number of women are identified and readied for promotion, so they have the confidence and support to commit to bigger roles and responsibilities.


Understand familial contexts, viz., marriage, motherhood, care of elders etc. that impact women’s career goals and trajectories.
Appreciate socio-cultural factors such as rural / urban backgrounds, regional roots, castes & identities that influence women's aspirations and opportunities.
Create career paths for women that acknowledges socio-cultural diversity, social norms & ways in which they intersect with institutional policies and formal / informal practices.

We, at Anekataa, work closely to understand the organization's needs and offer a range of interventions for teams of men and women at various organizational levels. This joint plan is constructed and executed in collaboration with management teams and personnel responsible for diversity.

Diversity Diagnostics


  • Demographics related to number of women in workforce (across levels, age groups, locations)
  • Current organizational policies on diversity & inclusion
  • Retention rates
  • Promotion policy/ process
  • Job descriptions of supervisors and next level of management


  • Enablers and disablers to women’s performance from a gender lens
  • Current relationships with leaders, peers and reportees
  • Perceptions of organizational support, policies, etc.
  • Perceptions of their performance, leadership styles, effectiveness, and challenges in the workplace
  • Informal culture and practices

Diversity Design

A list of initiatives may be offered depending on the needs of the organization such as

coaching and mentoring: 

Facilitating coaching and mentoring processes for women so that they can aspire for greater roles and responsibilities in the organization.This is done through the design and implementation of personalized mentoring programs and peer-to-peer learning forums on a sustained basis. 

Workshops for inclusion:

Unique workshops for men and women at different levels in the organization, different ages, diverse organizational roles and at varying phases of their careers. The workshops are designed to foster greater inclusion as a mindset change by becoming spaces of dialogue and reflection of beliefs that impact behavior.