The aim of the course is that students discover and tap into their self confidence, find new ways of engaging and relating with family and friends, establish healthy & meaningful relationships in the workplace, build enlivening career paths for themselves and the organizations they become part of.

The course also includes workshops for inclusion that include gender sensitization not as a goal but as a process of reflection and identification of early influences of gender, what it means to be a young man or woman today. 

Transitioning Confidently into Workplaces

Students and educational institutions benefit from a course that deepens students’ career and personal choices. More organizations value new entrants who are employable not just in ‘technical’ terms but also have the social and psychological skills needed to thrive in their fast-growing organizational cultures.

Through a series of workshops, learners are enabled to make new action choices, learn new life skills, enhance their sense of well being, preparing themselves for the future workplace.

First-generation learners

First-generation learners in college may have many questions on their minds in choosing / not choosing to sit for a particular job interview during placements. Their dreams and desires are enmeshed in their families’ needs, gender roles, their own interests, peer pressure, observations of wealth in the city, and the push and pull of changing job markets. 

women learners

Even if one belongs to a family with privileged access to higher education, if she is a woman learner, there are good reasons to imagine her experience would be different. Only 22% of girls who graduate from college transition to the formal workforce, according to recent reports (Quartz India, 2014). Gender curbs opportunities, restricts role-taking and decision-making  and shapes self-image no matter which class, caste or religion one belongs to.

Students of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, engaging with each other and with the Anekataa team (2015).

Student Speak

A course which was indeed very helpful and made me discover who I really am. It taught me a lot of things which I really didn’t know that existed in me. It really brought out my voice and at the end of the session, it made me discover “the mysterious me”.
A course which helped me find a voice inside me, it made me know the true definition of feminism and most importantly, a huge transformation into a more positive and accepting person.
— a student of B.A. program year 2, at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.