Men and women internalize gender values differently.
These largely unconscious influences significantly impact the way we work. 

Anekataa believes that apart from class and other social background, gender remains a form of structural and systemic disadvantage. Family, society, roles and expectations each cast tremendous pulls and pressures on today’s woman, with little space for reflection and choice.  In our social  structure and culture,  it curbs  some opportunities and aspirations, restricts role taking and decision making, shapes self image and  ideals no matter which class, caste or religion one belongs to.

how the workshops will help?

Even diverse teams need spaces for awareness and sensitization on how to become more inclusive, to move to a high-performing culture.
At the end of such processes, we expect individuals in teams to have undergone change which reflects positively in their attitudes and roles in their personal spaces as well as workspaces.  


The workshops are an opportunity to examine what beliefs are internalized and what behavioral patterns may be frozen and unquestioned. As a result, individuals may choose to challenge some existing beliefs, building self-awareness and discovering new ways to relate to the world around them.

These are designed for men and women (as distinct groups and together) of different ages, who may be at varying phases of their careers, playing diverse organizational roles at different levels in the organization! Some workshops are customized for management teams and personnel responsible for diversity.  

Workshops for inclusion also form an integral part of student transitions. Anekataa Academy works with either mixed gender groups or separate groups of boys and girls.

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