Our focus is on creating spaces for dialogue and action that leverage existing organizational efforts to build both diversity and inclusion.

We understand that having a diverse team is not equivalent to inclusion. Heterogeneous teams do perform better than their counterpart homogeneous teams because of a multitude of factors that build a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Keeping this in mind, we work closely to understand the organization's needs and offer a range of interventions for men and women at various organizational levels.

Joint plans are constructed and executed in collaboration with management teams and personnel responsible for diversity.

While a plethora of choices and opportunities exist for students today, many struggle to deepen their understanding of themselves, their aspirations and worldviews.   

Our focus is to provide college students ample opportunity for reflection on identity, aspirations, career plans, relationships and personal goals. Through a series of workshops, learners are enabled to make new action choices, learn new life skills, enhance their sense of well being, and prepare themselves for the workplace. 

We  also offer interventions for youth who are first generation learners in college + women learners from across all socio-economic classes.